For ages, the doll industry was dominated by the ubiquitous white dolls. Children from the African American community were left out and excluded. Some contended with playing with the white Barbie.

However, with the onset of reborn dolls, this scenario has undergone a change. At Reborn Doll World, we believe in exclusivity and believe that every child, or adult for that matter, gets to experience the same treatment – whether it is availing the resources or services.

This is the reason why we have a good collection of African-American reborn dolls in our inventory. Whether you are a reborn doll collector or a parent looking for a doll that your child can identify with, we have it for you.

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Why buy African-American reborn dolls from us

Our African-American reborn dolls are handcrafted from scratch to finish. Every doll is sculpted and fashioned with love and craftsmanship. The dolls bear a striking resemblance with those babies from the African-American community. Some come with authentic-looking curls while some have fancy turbans and hair accessories.

If you have panache for styling hair, you can buy an African American reborn doll with a head full of bouncy curls and enjoy styling the hair. You can also buy those which have lesser hair and style them with accessories of your choice. Of course, you can also go for those reborn dolls with no hair. If you are buying the doll for a child, this might seem a more practical option as they do not require any maintenance with the hair.

Our high-quality African American reborn dolls are made of premium silicone which makes them soft, durable, and extremely easy to clean. Another great thing about the dolls on our collection is that they are very affordable. So even if you are on a tight budget, you can buy a great quality reborn doll without spending a fortune.

How having an African American reborn doll can benefit you and your family

As an adult collector, you might not have this problem. But children are at a very vulnerable age when they easily imbibe everything from their environment. A child growing up in an African American community who has to play with a doll that has peroxide blonde hair and alabaster skin may grow up with a distorted definition of physical appearance. It is no secret that it can also affect their emotional wellbeing as well.

Having an African American reborn doll that he or she can identify with, that literally has the same skin as he or she can be empowering. The child grows up without any complex and a feeling of inclusivity which is vital in today’s age. Their confidence grows along with their physical bodies. They grow up appreciating the diverse nature of humanity.

We are proud and happy that we are able to bring such diversity to the doll industry and people’s lives. Our goal is to empower everyone, and if we can be an agent of motivation in any capacity to your child or you, we feel honored.

Check out our collection of African American reborn dolls now.