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Girl Reborn Dolls

Girl Dolls by Reborn Doll World

Few sights are as endearing as a baby girl playing with her doll. She would feed it, carry it, dance with it, rock it to an imaginary sleep, and whatever else her tender mind has gleaned from watching her guardians and parents.

But apart from the joy of playing and engaging with a doll, a reborn doll can be an excellent source of learning for a baby. Having a reborn doll has been proven to be extremely beneficial in the life of a child.

Children and toddlers are not the only ones reaping the benefits of having a reborn doll in their lives. They are also serving a wonderful purpose of helping grieving mothers and expectant mothers to cope and prepare for their respective journeys. They also make a great addition to a collector’s gallery.

At Reborn Doll World, we have a wide collection of baby girl dolls to delight you. The beautiful dolls are very realistic in their looks and appearance. The different features of the baby girl dolls include:

  • Baby girl dolls made with silicone for the softest feel and baby skin texture. This also makes them very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Handcrafted dolls for realistic details including manicure and mottling.
  • Girl dolls which can move their limbs freely.
  • Baby dolls that can sit and lie down without support.
  • Dolls that are fully clothed. The clothes are handmade, which makes them personalized and the perfect fit.
  • The hairs are either hand rooted with mohair or wigged. They are mentioned below the particular doll.
  • The hairs are long, pigtailed, curly, short, blonde, brown and jet black among others. You will love grooming and styling the hair of these pretty dolls.
  • They come with accessories, including hair clips, hats, hair bands, and so on.
  • They also come with other accessories like pacifiers, feeding bottles and toys.

We believe in transparent dealings with our esteemed clients; therefore, what you see on the website is what you get. Most online retailers advertise the reborn dolls with gorgeous clothes, but they are not included with the doll.

However, all the dolls on our site will come with the clothes you see on the site. The price is inclusive of the clothes as well as the accessories you see on the doll. On a rare occasion, when the clothes on the particular doll are out of stock, we provide the doll with the set of clothes that closely matches the one on the website. Of course, we mention all these details when you place an order.

Reborn dolls are a great joy to add to your little girl's life. She will learn to cultivate empathy, and develop social skills. They can also help her learn to care for her siblings and develop a positive outlook in life.

The reborn dolls on our site are also great for adults as well. They also make excellent birthday and holiday gifts. So go ahead, get a reborn doll for the special girl in your life.