How To Wash Your Reborn Doll

How To Wash Your Reborn Doll

silicone doll getting washed bath

Reborn dolls are an absolute delight. They come in different shapes, size, and types. They are super realistic dolls that look exactly like a real baby, but these are made of either silicone, vinyl, or other materials.

These life-like dolls are most popular among little girls and their mothers. They are also used for training midwives and are extremely useful for new mothers.

If you own a reborn doll, you probably have realized how these realistic dolls benefit their owners. You might also have learned that they need a lot of care too, bathe them, dress them, and so on.

As already mentioned, these dolls are made of silicone, vinyl, and plastic, and many people make the mistake of using the wrong items when cleaning them, some bathe them very frequently that it damages their favorite doll.

If you’re not sure how to clean or wash a reborn doll, don’t worry. Today, we will help you learn how to wash your baby doll in the right way, using the right products or ingredients.

A detailed guide on how to wash a reborn doll

green soap wash for dolls
Green soap is used for better finish

Reborn dolls are made with highly durable materials. They can last for years if handled with proper care. But they need a little bit of extra care when washing while washing them. You may end up damaging or ruining them if you use some harsh cleaning products. To give them a proper wash, follow these instructions.

Things that you will need

  • A mild baby wash or a mild soap.
  • Lukewarm water
  • Green Soap (Recommended!)
  • One small bowl, and one large bowl
  • Clean towel

Remove the clothing. Usually, the doll’s clothes are made of regular fabrics which can be washed by hand, or machine washed.

Add some lukewarm water into the small bowl, and prepare a solution with a baby wash or soap. Fill the larger bowl with clean lukewarm water. We do not recommend using hot water, as this can cause a lot of damage. Now dip the towel into the solution you’ve prepared, and remove access liquid from the towel by wringing it. Use the towel as wet wipes to clean the dirt off the doll very gently. Be very careful when wiping the doll’s fingers, and toes.

You can repeat the process again and again until the doll is spotless and free from dirt.

Now dip the towel into the larger bowl filled with clean water and wipe the doll clean. This should remove any soap residue. After you’re done rinsing the doll, wipe it dry with a clean, soft cloth. Place it somewhere dry and let it sit for a few minutes. Dress up your doll with clean, dry clothes.

Additional tips

If you need to wash the hair, only use mild baby shampoo. Brush it gently to remove any tangles, do not massage.

Avoid hard scrubbing, and scratching as this is not the right technique. Also, it can damage the outer smooth skin-like layer of the doll.


Reborn dolls should be handled with care if you want it to last longer. You should try to avoid bathing or washing it too often; a wash once in a while should be good enough. When not in use, store it in a safe place away from pets, and dust.

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